Monday, 14 April 2014

You can have your private driver too!

How do you travel around normally? Well for me, the easiest way to travel around has always been driving. K la some of you guys might find this a bit princessy but I am not a fan of public transport.

Reasons why I don't like public transport like train and buses:
1. Its crowded. You have to squeeze like a sardin and the chances of having a seat is like 20%.
2. It's not on time. Delay delay delay, just like how Msia government works lol.
3. Its hot. Firstly, by just standing at the station or bus stop under the hot weather, my makeup for sure will smudge and I will ended up attending events with oily face, smudged eyeliner plus damp and flat hairstyle
4. People judges. I dresses up to occasions, and the others on the same train will just keep staring at you, scan you from top to toes and worst, might get tackled by some weird fellas.

But the problem with driving myself is when it comes to the places that I am not familiar with, I have to use GPS while driving and I am not good at multi-tasking. So it is extremely dangerous and stressful to me. (No joke, I sometimes stress until stomach ache when I drive with Waze). And after reaching my destination, to find a parking spot is another challenge again.

And Uber KL saved me. It allows me to Reach in Style without the frustration of driving.

"It is a new service in KL that offers chauffeur driven experience." So basically it just feel like you are having your own personal driver in premium cars!

To use the service, you have to download Uber Apps from your apps store, and connect your credit card/paypal to start the service. (Yup they take payment by card so you don't have to bring cash on you if you want!)

I ordered my car and it takes around 20 minutes to arrive. The timing is just nice actually cuz I am still doing my makeup when I made the order :P

The driver waited for me to come out, and HE OPENS THE DOOR FOR ME!! Ok la I am pleasantly shocked and abit paiseh for that *heeeee* Oh the car was a Silver Toyota Camry! Didn't take the car's picture cause I actually don't want him to know that I'm doing a review (to make sure that my experience will be the same with any normal customers).

Interior of the car

Water, candies and newspaper are prepared for you! And they are all FREE!
Wifi is also available but you have to ask for the password la.

The apps will show you where you are, so no worries to get kidnapped wthlol!

Overall experience: Camri no doubt is super comfy, the driver uses waze to avoid traffic (awesome!) and he is super friendly. I felt so relaxed throughout the trip until I can take selfies.

And now Uber has cut down their fare by 35%!

I traveled from Sunway to Mont Kiara, and the total fare was RM33. Affordable price I would say! I remembered last time I took a cab from Sunway to OneUtama, it costed me about RM50 and the cab driver refuses to use meter =.=

I've used Uber Service for 3 times up till now, and I've never got any bad experience! Vehicle wise, I've got Toyota Camri twice. and Peugeot (forgot what model) once, all in great condition and super comfy!

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That's all for this post, and I hope you guys can Travel In Style like all the existing Uber users did!


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