Wednesday, 14 May 2014

{Fashion} When bags are not just rectangle...

For me, bags are like the cream on top of a cake. The choice of a good bag can upgrade your casual outfit to a eye-catching one, but a bad one can make your 1000 bucks outfit look like you bought it from pasar malam wtf.

I have something to cute bags. Like seriously. I don't care how pricey the bag is, if it looks boring, IT IS BORING. So just give me cute//fashionable bag dammit lol.

And this The OZ Hex bag caught my eyes.Hexagon, Sweet Pink, Ostrich Print leather, and some black tassels. *hearts* Exactly the way I like it, not too sweet and not too cool.

I find it suitable to be carried out on a casual outing, and the capacity of the bag is just nice for my iPhone5, powerbank, purse and ZR1200. If you feel like carrying a sling bag instead, there's actually a sling belt included.

So, do check out Malaysia if you are interested to their range of bags!


  1. you are so lovely! :D and this look is super cute!


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