Wednesday, 7 May 2014

{Foodie Book} Signature Cafearo @ 1 Shamelin

Ahem it has been quite sometimes since I did a food review huh. Well I actually felt quite bad for that but my weekends are pretty much packed by events so I've got no time to explore around *sobs* But packed weekends also means I am earning la so its a good thing in the other way la I need to earn more then I can afford to pay my food ma heh.

Thanks to Isabel, I got invited for a food review session last weekend so yea it means I can eat while using the name of working!

Cafe of the day: Signature Cafearo

Signature Cafearo is located at Ground floor, 1 Shamelin Shopping Mall (a rather new complex I would say). They serves Western, local and also fusion food so they have quite a wide range of menu la.

Feed of the day:

Soft Shell Crab + Ham Cheese Bake Egg Rice
The rice is well cooked, and it goes well with the mild fragrant of the cheese. However, the soft shell crab can be further improved la heh I am too used to the Japanese Restaurant kind of quality.

Soft Shell Crab Mustard Mayo Wrap
A handy snack, which I think lotsa girls will like it. And the soft shell crab part is same as the baked rice.

Oceanic Secret Night
A stir-fried pasta with black olive, topped with Smoked Salmon. Some might find the smoked salmon slightly too salty, but I would say it suits my preference la.

Vast Ocean Salmon Salad
The veggies are fresh, and the sauce is good, and salmon tastes the same as the pasta's. Overall, a pretty good choice of salad if you crave for something healthy!

Summer Angel
A more healthy salad combination of fruit and veggies, so if you want a sweet salad, this is it.

Smoked Duck Pesto Fettuccine 
My favourite dish. Everything is perfect like seriously. Awesomely smoked duck, (not too hard not too soft and salty enough wtf), chewy fettucine, tasty pesto, everything is just nice. I will definitely come back for this omg.

Smoked Salmon and Spinach Quiche
Its the first time I tried a quiche (I don't even know how to pronounce it at first wtf), but I actually like it's rich texture and the smoked salmon added in a flavour kick to the quiche! 

Forgot what cake liao #badblogger

Carrot Cake

Coffee Cheese Cake

Mango Fizzy
Surprisingly its not too sweet! Exactly how I like it, refreshingly light.

Those who know me would know that I am not a coffee fan at all. So when the handsome boss told me that their Affogato is good, I have actually no idea what on earth was the name he mumbled lol. But when he served this to me, DAYUMMM IT IS FRIGGIN GOOD OMG. My eyes was like O.O when I had the first scoop. If you haven't know what Affogato is, it's actually double shot espresso with vanilla ice-cream, so when you put it in your mouth, the first taste is the fragrant bitter espresso, then followed by the sweet, ice-cold sensation of the vanilla ice-cream.

Mini Carrot Cakes

Mini Coffee Cheese Cake

Mini Cupcakes

Mini Layered Cake

Also, I've tried out their Berry Pavlova but I have no idea where the picture went =.= The pavlova is good like seriously because it is not too sweet at all. Actually, my requirements for a good dessert is always quite easy, as long as it is not too sweet, and refreshing, then I will probably like it *smirks*

The environment of Signature Cafearo: 
Cozy Corner that I can totally spend my afternoon here.

Bright but cozy decoration.

Lol macam Travel tv programme hostess

My first time signing on a wall! #excitedlikeasiaozabo

Not bad right my handwriting =3=

New friend Mr Aliff Cullen

And yay babe Jessica

Overall: ★★★☆☆ (3.5/5 I can't do the 0.5 star wtf)
I would definitely go back for the Smoked Duck Pesto Fettuccine and Affogato, and chill there for a cozy afternoon. 

Thanks for reading my not so pro food review, and I hope you guys can understand that I prefer to be a honest blogger rather than being a cheerleader for everything cause I care for you guys ma *blushes* So what I say its good, its really good la heeee.

Signature Cafearo
C-G-03A, Ground Floor,
1 Shamelin Shopping Mall,
100, Jalan 4/91,
Taman Shamelin Perkasa,
56100 Kuala Lumpur.


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