Tuesday, 27 May 2014

Reasons why i love number76 saloon

This is not a sponsored post.

If you haven't noticed, I've been visiting number76 salon for almost a year. I've never been such a loyal customer to any salon, cause I'm a really stingy customer when it comes to anything that will affect my appearance.

Reason? Firstly, I am a model. So I have to make sure my hair are always in good condition. No black roots, uneven colour tone, grassy hair blah blah blah. And come on, don't you dare to tell me a good look will not help in social networking. Especially in our line, appearance define how sensitive you are towards fashion, showcasing how much self-awareness you have, and most importantly, people will like you. I mean, who wants to read a fashion/beauty blog where the blogger herself didn't even know how to hell to make herself look good??

Ok back to the topic. SO WHY NUMBER76?

1. Reasonable Pricing
Price range of number76 had been my biggest concern before I paid them a visit. My first time having my hairdo with Hikky-san, is before the Asia Muse Search 2013, cause I was hoping to get a change in hairstyle and I think Hikky-san can be trusted lololol. I can still remember how I felt during my first visit: Half of me were very impressed by how detailed their work is, and another half of me is praying for the amount of the bill. But when I saw the bill, I was like "Oh okay that's totally fine for me."

A waist length hairdye in number76 starts at RM260, which actually is like only 30 bucks more than what I usually paid for the normal kind of hairsaloon which owned by not fashionable aunties hahaha. Paying a little bit more for superb good service + special hair colour combination that you couldn't get from other saloon, why not?

2. Superb Service
Like I've mentioned, their service is very very good. They understand what every customer's need even the very small detail stuffs. For example, they will provide a towel for you to cover up your thighs when you are at the washing area, so that you panty wont come out say hi lolol and it's more comfortable. Also, you can choose between coffee, green tea and water as your beverage choice, which comes along with a waffle just in case you might be hungry during the long waiting time. Entertainment wise, the magazines provided are always up-to-date Japanese Fashion magazines, power points are available if you want to charge your phone, and also, handsome hair stylists walking around wtf hahaha. Yea the handsome guys are all very skillful hair stylists/ assistants and they are very friendly so basically you will have good eye-candies there la.

3. Special Hair Colour
The colour choices are never just limited to the samples on that small album. Hikky san is famous for all her special colour mix, which gives you a unique hair colour that others doesn't have. No joke she can mix out numerous shades of ash colour according to everyone's skin colour. Whenever I visit Hikky san, I actually never given her a solid answer about what colour I want, in fact I just tell her: "Any colour that make me look fairer" LOLOLOL.

And hair colour its never about single colour when it comes to Hikky-san. There's a lot tiny strands of highlight among my hair to make it looks like its natural shine. So I am like permanently under studio lighting heheheh. I found that Japanese like to focus on the tiny little details instead of just making bold colours to your hair. Its all about the small things that eventually will contribute to a unique final outcome. And that's what make 76style became a famous place for the bloggers/models/artists.

One of my favourite: Grey Ash Colour 

Close up of my Grey Ash hair

I think lotsa you are familiar with my Purple and Pinks

And this is after my Purple base colour faded off.
Ash base + Unicorn Extensions

4. Magic Treatment
To be honest, non of the models/bloggers have super smooth hair. I mean those who dye their hair so frequently.  Normally, I will dye my hair once in less than two months time, and my hair has been bleached for 3 times (not blonde bleach, just light bleach). So my hair basically will die without any treatment. #lifeasmodel

So how can my hair still survive is relying on the Ultrasonic Treatment aka the magic treatment provided by 76style. What make this treatment different is they use this straightening iron look-alike thing to run through your hair with the treatment cream applied. This machine produces ultrasonic waves and helps your hair to absorb nutrients in the treatment cream.

I can really feels the smoothness of my hair every time after the treatment, the result of Ultrasonic Treatment can last a month on my hair, and the hairstylists told me that some of their customers can last for 3 months so it actually depends on your hair condition.

See how smooth is my hair after Ultrasonic Treatment!

Btw, Tansan (aka sparkling scalp treatment) has became my another favourite treatment as well! To be honest la anyone whoever bleached their hair and dyed into rainbow colours would not wash their hair daily or else the colour might just gone in 1 week time. For example, Qiuqiu washes her hair like maybe once a week according to what she said in her instagram lol. But but but, for me I washes my hair every other day la I can't tahan so many days weh T.T The bright side of not washing hair daily is your colour will be long lasting, but on the other side your scalp will be covered up by a thick layer of dirt and oil urgh damn gross muahahaha. Tansan provides deep cleansing to the scalp so that our hair will stay healthy. I felt in deep deep love with the refreshing feeling everytime after I had Tansan! It feels like my scalp can breath again *deep breaths*

5. They even have Nail Art Service now
When I know 76style is opening their nail service, I was like: " Oh YESSS! Finally!!" And somehow I just happen to trust that their nail service is gonna be different with the others, from my understanding on how much attention they paid on giving extraordinary services.

And this is what I got from Helen, the nail artist of 76nail! Look at the gradient pastel effect omfg. I've never been so much in love with any nail art. Frankly speaking, I do not have fair skin at all. In fact, I have a weird yellowish brown skin tone lol so choosing the right pastel colour that suits my skin is super hard. I've bought lotsa pastel tone nail polish but all of them remain in the cupboard because my hand look like a charcoal after applying those bright pastel colour idk why. But Helen successfully matched the right pastel range for me, thanks to her skill and the wide range of product by 76style.

Oh before I forget, 76nail uses Bella Forma from Japan as their gel nail product, which according to Helen, they are the FIRST in Malaysia to use it. Helen also told me that Bella Forma actually does lesser harm to our nails as it doesn't require a lot of filing on our nail surface. The technique needed to use Bella Forma is even different from the ordinary gel product so all nail artists who want to provide Bella Forma nail service need to attend a few months course before they can fully understand the way to use the product properly.

So yeah, these are the reasons that I am still a loyal customer of number76. If you are also a fan of theirs, HIGH 5 for our good hair! And if you haven't tried their service, WHATCHU WAITING FOR?


  1. I really wish to pay a visit there soon! =D

    Heaven Knows

    1. Just go! And do check on their monthly offers on their website! :D

  2. Your grey ash hair color is so pretty! May I ask will the color fade?

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