Thursday, 1 May 2014

The first NuffnangLovin @ AloftKLS

Ohai! Happy Labour Day!!
Yes I know it has been 9 days since I last updated *sigh* Was sick for a few days and spent my previous weekend at Sitiawan while recovering from the sickness.

Ok back to the topic.

Despite I was starting to feel sick, I managed to attend the first NuffnangLovin in Malaysia last friday! 

Basically Nuffnang Lovin is a party slash bonding session between the nuffies (cool employees of Nuffnang) and the nuffnangers (Nuffnang bloggers), so it is the warm and lovey dovey kind of party which I enjoys the most not the clubbing plus lotsa alcohol type of party.

Lets start off with an official picture by Nuffnang *heh*
Yes I am short.

I dont know why this picture made my arm look so MUSCULAR omg so awesome wtf.
The party was held in Aloft, KL Sentral, which is literally just opposite KL Sentral Station)

We arrived quite on time so I got plenty of time walking around taking pictures of WXYZ bar, where the party is held in. (Nah see I am a good blogger this time unlike during the NeoGal Party lol)

Can foresee how warm the party will be just by the couch *awwww*

For me, one of the thing that I enjoyed the most in party and events are the bite-sized snacks. Cause firstly it wouldn't smudge my lipstick wtf and secondly it can mildly fill my tummy while preventing me from over-eating.
Super interesting combination:
Watermelon + Compressed Cheese + Bacon strips + Soy sauce

Edible flower + Sprouts + Seaweed.
I'm not a big fan of sprouts so dearie had this one and he say that it tastes exactly how the ingredients taste like wtf description is this. 

Vegetarian fried vermicelli.
Ok this is not bite size but I enjoyed this the most cause I LOVE VERMICELLI. Like I can survive by just eating vermicelli everyday, together with salmon.

 Choco puff with pastel colour icing.
So pretty la I should have add this in for my birthday party's dessert table.

I was having slight sore-throat that night and I still bravely drink the alcoholic cocktail muahahaha. And the best of this is, the cup got colourful light weh! I was keep on mumbling to dearie complaining why they no give me the colourful lighting cup and everyone else got one, and then I think one of the pretty waitress heard me and finally got one for me. LOL so paiseh.

Oh yeah I like this session. Finally can have a clear idea of who are the real nuffies cause I always saw these faces in the parties, but in the end I would confuse about whether they are nuffies or from the event company or representative of the sponsor lol. At least now I know these pretty and handsome faces are the one that handles all the work from marketing, talent managing, ad placement etc so I can suck up to them wtf hahaha.

Paperplane Pursuit.
And guess what, the lucky us were the first crowd exposed to their coming up new release! Beg me then I will give you the video record. Nah I didn't record it but I am sure you will soon can hear it from the radio!

Old friend Mikayo

New friend Christy

Sadly I had to leave early as we need to rush back to Sitiawan before midnight cause dearie didn't bring his house keys and we don't want to let his dad wait for us too long. I am still pretty sad for the fact that I missed out the sharing session by nuffies la*sigh*  

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