Thursday, 12 June 2014

Being Busy.

I know it has been a long time since I posted up a sincere blog post. *sigh* I have been so friggin busy until I only have a few hours to rest and I am absolutely too tired to write. Modeling work, blogging work, assignments and exams, all come in an espresso form.

I hate the feeling of not being able to write my blog. But I LOVE the feeling of being busy.

It just simply means that I am being productive. Opportunities are given to me and I need to use my 200% to grab em. Being just an ordinary student is never gonna be enough for me, although some people I met loves to use their identity as a student to escape from the reality.

I am so sorry, my honeys, for not providing quality content for you guys. I really mean it. But give me a few days to settle down kay? Gonna prepare some refreshing content for you guys! (Yup there's gonna be surprises too!)

*thousands of kisses*

Oh by the way, YOU can help me to reduce some of my stresses too! If you haven't know, I am one of the Top 8 finalist for FHM Girl Next Door 2014! This is something different that I've always been doing (I mean the cutesy cutesy shoots la), so I hope I can gain some support from you guys please *googoo eyes*

Click here to vote me as your favourite Girl Next Door!

(Will do another detailed blog post about my thoughts on FHM Girl Next Door soon!)

More updates about my recent works:

Mina Magazine June Issue

Mina Magazine June Issue
Get a copy from your nearest newstand now to see more of my work!

Teaser for coming up's project *smirks*


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