Sunday, 1 June 2014

{Foodie Book} Restaurant Kim Hoe @ Pulau Ketam

I love seafood, like crazily loving them until you feed me seafood every day every meal I can also still eat. (But of course la, this only applies to the fresh and tasty ones or else I won't even touch it.) And the sad fact is, I have very high cholesterol level so consuming too much seafood can just kill me lol.

But who cares.

Caught a chance for a day trip to Pulau Ketam, which is a perfect choice for a short getaway as it is so near to KL but it gives me a feeling that I am far away from home, just for an afternoon wtf lol.

I remembered the last time I went to Pulau Ketam, I didn't get to try out their crab dishes as they were running out of crabs that time =.= So this trip is actually meant to mend my sad memories lol.

If you have been to Pulau Ketam, you will know that there are lots of seafood restaurants in Pulau Ketam, and all of them tries to get you in their shop so badly wtf so scary. So to make sure that this time I will get to have a great seafood feast, I did a mini research by asking my friend who are a maniac crab lover, and he recommended Restaurant Kim Hoe.

Order of the Day:

We didn't ordered much as it was just me and dearie so this is actually quite enough for both of us already la.

Steamed Crab
A pair of gigantic crabs, well steamed in clear broth. I never dare to order steamed crab at the other restaurant as I am afraid that their crab are not fresh enough (and not many restaurant are brave enough to have this dish on their menu anyways :P) The crab is full of meat, and the meat is so fluffy and freshly sweet, I get to enjoy the original goodness of the crab itself erm it sounds abit wrong lol. But no doubt, one of the best crab dish I've ever had.

Steamed Lala
The fresh clams are steamed with some chinese wine 花雕酒, and it tastes so damn sweet omfg. Love it. 

The total bill is RM99, including two plates of rice and chinese tea. The crab's price is not cheap, but I am happy to pay the price la since I enjoyed the meal. One kilogram of crab is priced around RM36 (our order was around 1.4kg if not mistaken), but the price might varies according to the season and stuffs la.

Overall rating: ★★★★☆
If you are visiting Pulau Ketam, please do try out their fresh seafood (although it wouldn't be very cheap la), or else what's the point of you going there? To cycle ah? Lol. I would recommend you to go to Restaurant Kim Hoe as I know that at least they serves good food, but feel free to try out the other restaurants too la :D

Ending this post with a picture of mudskipper in Pulau Ketam.
Yeah the fishes that can crawl with their tiny fin lol.


  1. Hi 5 for being the same seafood lover =) , I have never been to Pulau Ketam but Sandakan is a fine place to dine for fresh seafood at cheap price =) Try exploring there too. Peace out

  2. next to restoran kim hoe,can find restoran pin heong,25k,jalan besar,pulau ketam,have wonderful delicious seafoods! 012-2104462,mr ong. restoran po seng,located at 1,jalan merdeka, next to the bomba, is another cheap seafoods restoran. 012-3602539 siang.

  3. sajjad mansuri31 May 2015 at 19:40

    we followed your recommendations and went to Kim Ho in Pulau Ketam, it was great. Only thing now the crabs are RM 50 per kilo


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