Sunday, 29 June 2014

I am BACKKKK squirrels!!!

What the. It has been 16 days since I last posted here!? *growls*

I am such a terrible blogger. Ish.

Have been spending my days and nights on my crazy load of assignments while gulping cans of red bull. I seriously miss my time spent here.

I received lotsa emails and comments from you guys asking me why am I not updating my blog and telling me that you guys misses by posts *blushes*, which made me totally touched and my eyes even teared as I never expect anyone to really constantly checking out my blog for updates! I LOVE YOU MY SQUIRRELS. FRIGGIN LOVE YOU GUYS.

I have just officially started to blog for 18 months which is one and a half year, which means, I am still a young bird in the blogosphere. However, within this short period, I am still able to have you guys as my bunch who support me throughout my highs and lows, read my crappie blog lol and layan my vain selfies. I can't say that I did not faced any challenges and bad situations throughout my blogging journey, but I always remind myself that I must not let my dearest readers down, so there will not be me without you guys! *hugs*

I felt so much guilt when I know that you guys close your browser with disappointment finding out that there's no updates in this short blackout period of mine. If can I really hope that I can provide you guys freshly new updates everyday but ok la when my break officially started then maybe can lol. Quality comes first then quantity, okay? :P

NOW, enough for the long winded post, I am BACKKKK squirrels!!!

Oh oh a more contributing information before I forgot, 

Currently in mad love with it. 
1. Now everyone knows that's my phone. (or at least someone that calls Chloe lol)
2. WOOO love the long metal chain! So damn convenient to carry it around especially during events!
3. So fashionable OMG. Most of my favourite Taiwan artists (and some YG artists), western/japanese fashion icons are all using it!

Where to get it?


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