Sunday, 29 June 2014

Kitten, Pervert KK store cashier, and epic uncle.

Last night after watching the Brazil vs Chile match in a bar, me and dearie found a kitten under our car when we are planning to drive home. Poor little thing seems to be quite panic and keep meowing non-stop to me, and it keep running to the middle of the road. I think it might only be 2 weeks old (erm according to my non-professional experience of rescuing my current pet cat Mimi a few months ago), and it's body is like super tiny so I am really afraid that cars might just ran over it. Oh and I think she have some cat flu too as her eyes is surrounded by tear stain.

So I try to take her up and put her in to a deeper in place in the shoplot, to avoid it to run out to the road again.  Brought her to a corner with flower vase so that she can stay there for the night, but then hor it seems like she love me too much just must run towards me =.= We repeated this game of shoving her back to the corner and she run back towards me for like almost 10 minutes wtf. I actually really feel like taking her home but I can't take anymore cats in my house.

Then I decided to bring her to the vet nearby my house which I've seen them taking care of stray cats. I dig out a clean big paper box from the big dump outside the shoplot and put her in, so that later on she won't be able to run out to the roadside while waiting for the vet to open in the morning. It was almost 4am and the clinic opens at 8am.

After I placed the box infront of the vet, I went in to the convenient store right next to the veterinary clinic to get some food for the poor little thing. I spent like 5 minutes searching around for some canned tuna but all of them is chili oil flavoured and I think the kitten might KO faster after having that lol. And finally I saw there's cat food selling in the corner of the shop! *fireworks* I quickly grab a pack of kitten wet food and proceed to the cashier.

And I got assaulted by the fucking cashier.

He keep on staring at me with his horny bastard face and ask: Moi kerja mana? with a disgusting smirk. Then, when he pass me back my change, he purposely hold on to my hand and stroke it, and stare at me with another fucking disgusting look. I stare back angrily at him, pull my hand back strongly, and wipe my hand with the receipt, then throw the receipt at him and walk away. I want to file a complain with this KK store at Cheras Selatan and I am so fucking serious about it.

Guess what happened when I walk back to the kitten box?

The box is gone. GONE.

And dearie is standing beside a running wild kitten who is meowing crazily again. He was waiting in the car and he saw a man came by, took the kitten out of the box and take away the box. WTFFFF? Kitten's box you also want to take ah uncle??? I know you want to sell it la but eh let her stay inside you take less a box you will die ah? Kitten is the one is dangerous without a box as later it might run out to the road again!

What the flying elephant problem is happening to this world man.

I can't find another paperbox and I am not a fairy godmother to make a paperbox out of nothing in the midnight. So what I can do is to pour out the cat food and feed the poor little kitten. This little fella seems to be more calm after having her food. So I decided to leave before she follow me again and that will be more dangerous to her. Before I left, I made sure that there's more than enough food to last her until the veterinary clinic to open in the morning, and she is calm enough to not run out the road. I guess it was just starving when I first saw her.

I know this is not the best solution that I can do for this poor little creature, but that's my best already as I really can't take another cat home. And in comparison with Mimi and her siblings, this kitten is much stronger than them when they were rescued home (they can't even walk properly and this one can walk and run) so I am pretty sure she can make it herself and plusmore cats learn really fast.

My conclusion of the night: 
Pissed off pissed off and pissed off. Pervert cashier of the KK Store Cheras Selatan I will for sure find a problem with you for the sake of those female who stay in our area. And you, uncle who took away the kitten's box, LIMPEH CLAP HAND FOR YOU. *slams the table*


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