Wednesday, 9 July 2014

{Beauty} Bloop Duo Lipstick - Eco Chic

These are my lipsticks. I mean, these are the lipsticks that I OFTEN use, not including the ones that are long kept in my make up pouch la okay.

From left: Revlon Colourburst, Laneige Serum Lipstick, Maybelline Bold Matte

All these are my favourite lipsticks la so far, and today I am gonna introduce you the latest member who entered my "Favourtie Lipstick" family!

Bloop Duo Lipstick- Eco Chic

I know right it doesnt look like a lipstick from it's packaging. In this tiny little container, there's a lipstick and a lip gloss! Which means you don't have to seek high and low for a suitable lipgloss for your lipstick anymore!

The lipstick is in erm...white colour. Ok la not white, but it is actually a colour change lipstick! The colour of the outcome depends on your body temperature, which will be suitable to your skintone too. Ok I know colour changing sounds like its gonna harm your skin, but hey this is made from natural DRAGONFRUIT extract! Whoa its colour is super long lasting until it reminds me of how much a hard time I always have when I got the red dragonfruit stain on my hands after eating it lol but this one can be EASILY REMOVED by makeup remover la. And hor, I will actually prefer to call this a colour changing lip balm instead as it is really moisturizing.

The lipgloss is in light pink colour, which suits the colour of my lips after applying the lipstick, by just adding some shine and pump up my lips to a sexy look *wheeewit*

Bloop Duo Eco Chic Lipstick has so far became my pick for daily outing, especially when I go to campus as I don't have time to re-apply my lipstick and this one can last me damn long even after I talk talk talk talk talk. And by adding on lipgloss I can transform from a casual look to a slightly more presentable look to meet up with client or even just to attract guys yo! *damn thick face*

Ok now, guess the price. It is just RM38 and you can get it at! Quite cheap la considering that it contains 1 lipstick and 1 lipgloss. And and and for my dearest squirrels, just key in this promo code bloop#lizzchloe before checking out your purchase and you will get a 5% discount off the total bill! 

Ok la can buy liao.

That's all for today's review, stay tuned for more coming up beauty products review! And do tell me if you guys want any other specific product's review!


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