Thursday, 31 July 2014

{Beauty} Lancome Advanced Genifique Youth Activating Concentrate Review

Female have 3 forever concerns on their skin: Clear Skin, Fair Skintone, and Anti-Aging.


Check all the facial products in the market, all of them must have at least one of the features above. And today I am gonna talk about an Anti-Aging product.

I've heard about Lancome Advanced Genifique for quite sometime, from the famous Taiwan beauty variety show 女人我最大 and Beauty Expert NiuEr too. But then okay la obviously my age is still too young to use an anti aging product so I never consider of buying it.

Well it comes to a chance that I can review this product. #perksofblogger

The product comes in a classy glass bottle and my minions seems to love it lol.

It comes with a pump tube, which is more hygienic. I always try to avoid to scoop my facial products directly with my fingers cause no matter what there's still gonna be bacteria on my hand and the last thing I want is to make my facial product container become a pool of bacteria.

The serum is in milky white colour, with a light pleasant intoxicating scent.

The texture of the serum is quite watery, and it can be easily absorbed.
No sticky feeling after application.

Obvious effect on my hand.
The left side is after application, and the skin texture is obviously much radiant and less wrinkles.
Okay even myself is surprised by the instant impact.

Lancome Advanced Genifique Youth Activating Concentrate recaptures ALL the key signs of youth, while bringing a silkening effect to skin.

What are all the key signs of a Youth Skin?
No wrinkles and fine lines
Fine Texture
High Resilience

All these are achievable by just one bottle of Lancome Youth Activating Concentrate! So damn geng omfg. 
The statistics of its effect:

Trying this product on my face basically won't have big effect la cause I am still 21. So as a responsible blogger I made my mum to try it instead! But momsie is too shy to show her face =.=

Here's the conclusion of her try:
"Obvious feeling of facial lifting, no sticky feeling. When you touch the skin, it has a very smooth texture, like a silk. People who have sensitive skin need to be careful, as this will bring a slight peeling effect."

So overall, this famous product of Lancome is worth trying if you are 25 years old and above (this is the age where you should start to use anti-aging product according to Beauty Expert NiuEr), and if you have a sensitive skin, I would strongly recommend you to get a sample from Lancome Kiosk before you made your purchasing decision.


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