Thursday, 31 July 2014

{Fashion Deal} To the beach to the beach!

Ola squirrels! Once again its summer! (Although in Malaysia its forever and ever summer la) So if you are planning to go for a vacation, packing a great set of beachwear in your luggage is super duper essential! Plusmore hor you can wear more sexy oversea as no one gonna judge you *smirks*

For me, I never buy pricey bikinis as I am just gonna wear them like maximum 2 times before I saw the next gorgeous piece of bikini that I must buy to feel good, and plusmore I am just gonna stay on the beach but not having a swimming competition so there's no point to get a branded high end bikini.

So shop online it is. That's the place where I can find cheap and fashionable beachwear. And Duriana has become one of my recent place to seek for good deals!

Before I introduce more about Duriana, lets see what good deals I've hunted there:

Click on the picture for selling link
55 bucks for a set of bikini!? Cheap anot you say?

Click on the picture for selling link
Besides a set of bikini, I will bring a crop top as well la just in case I feel shy *blushes*
LIKE A SUNDAY is one of my favourite online fashion shop, and they have a Duriana Account too!

Click on the picture for selling link
I purposely put this picture big big you know why? CAUSE THIS IS FROM MY SHOP MUAHAHAHA.
This Pink Jello Shades is one of my online shop's best seller and I kept a pair for myself too! Frankly speaking, wearing something else that the others don't usually dare to wear is the key point to standout among the others, and if you know how to match these items correctly it will be the next level fashionista, instead of just a bikini girl that can be seen everywhere else on the beach.

Up till now everything that I am selling are all brand new shades, chokers and bracelets, which are all imported from different countries such as Korea, Uruguay, Brazil and Taiwan. Basically all the items are from my online store WOah Apparel la but I sell in on Duriana as an additional platform.

So what is Duriana?

Duriana is the easiest way to buy and sell your stuff. You can list an item for sale is less than 30 seconds. All you need to do, is just snap a picture, name it, price it, and poof you are DONE!

So what be sell on Duriana? ANYTHING. I mean legal stuffs la.
Be it used, as new or brand new, you can just sell it on Duriana! Well, this is definitely a good news for female animals like us who buys first before thinking properly. No joke I have like 3 boxes of new clothes, beauty products that I have never touched before since I bought them back. So selling it at a lower price is another way to get back some cash for bread la and to buy more craps

How to get started? Just search "Duriana" on your apps store and download it to your phone!
Duriana is Malaysia’s favourite social marketplace app! Sell anytime, anywhere from your mobile phone. Download the app now – its free! iOS and for Android”


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