Thursday, 3 July 2014

{Foodie Book} Mamee Perfecto Launch

Who doesn't like potato chips?

Come come come raise you hands up.

Ok you suck cause you how can you not like such a heavenly good snack? Come on don't you take out the "Oh chips is so not healthy so you shouldn't eat that" theory cause yo no one stop me from snacks and desserts!

And if you like (or loves) your potato chips, here's a good news! We got a new choice of potato chips in the market!! It's not just new, but it's new, fresh and tasty!

Mamee Perfecto Snack has launch their Perfecto Crisp last week.

Picture credits to PERFECTO Crisps Official

No. This is not the ordinary potato chips that you've seen. Inspired my MAMEE Chef's innovation, PERFECTO is the only brand in the market that have fresh garnishing on its potato crisps; which comes in three exciting flavours: Natural Sea Salt, Sour Cream & Chives, Chili and Spice Infusion.

Personally, I love the Chilii and Spice Infusion the most. I mean totally loving it cause its so omg tasty! I hate that kind of chips where the flavoring is just concentrated on the one small area, but PERFECTO's fresh garnishing has made the whole chip sorta coated with the superb flavor!

Oh we got a FRESHER garnishing! *evil laughs*

Picture credits to PERFECTO Crisps Official

We got to choose our favourite chips, and add on with any toppings and sauces of our choice!

Picture credits to PERFECTO Crisps Official

Picture credits to PERFECTO Crisps Official

Picture credits to PERFECTO Crisps Official

And hor, we got hot chics serving us muahahahaha

My Combo of PERFECTO chips
Chips: Natural Sea Salt + Chilli and Spice Infusion
Toppings: Beef Ham, Tomato Cubes, Mushroom Bits
Sauce: Salsa

Ok my combo is kinda fail lol. I actually find the chips tastes better on its own! So yeah no need jelly la. You can get your own can of PERFECTO chips from supermarket now at RM3.99 only! So go try out its original flavour and of course feel free to DIY your own combo!

Lastly, some picture fun time!
Three spokeperson wannabe.
Lol Ernest and me so dramatic face.

Ok he is more dramatic I lose.

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For more information about PERFECTO chips, do visit their Facebook Page!


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