Thursday, 17 July 2014

Keywords: Peugeot, CDM25, Kuantan, Kiki.

Lets talk about some news today. 
Keywords: Peugeot, CDM25, Kuantan, Kiki.

Well, if you still don't know about this news, I will now give you a -.- face, and please proceed your reading to this link first.

It is incredibly insane on how internet can make a person famous in one day. Well, both in good and bad ways, and I 'think' Kiki has got her lesson by getting bashed all over the internet (got her private information all revealed, thousands of memes, vulgar comments, fake pages etc.) Every Malaysian who are on Facebook and twitter got to know about this incident in just one day, which is quite insanely fast.

When I first saw the video, of course, I do felt angry to the woman Kiki, but at the same time, I am more impressed by the calmness of Uncle Sim. And this situation has made me realize, why are the netizens reacting so violently while the real victim himself is remaining calm?

It is not our car that got hit by steering lock, nor we getting scolded directly from a lala woman, why do we need to have such an extreme reaction? And what make this situation more ridiculous, is those who witnessed the incident did not help Uncle Sim, or even try to sooth the situation. 

This also made me realize that we tend to be more passive when we actually face the situation in real life. Maybe it is because we don't feel the need to be responsible on our words published on social media, so we tend to be more bold, or even go all out for our words online. Of course what this woman did to Uncle Sim is very very wrong, but humiliating, bashing her with vulgar words online really doesn't make you a greater person. And in fact, Uncle Sim is the greatest person in this situation, for being able to stay calm and give his forgiveness.

No one knows what really happened to her before the incident. She might have a really bad day, or really can't afford to pay the bill, or its really just she is bad in controlling her temper. I know all these doesn't justify what she have done, but why don't we try to understand the whole story first before publishing those hate speech and making tons of memes? 

She apologized on Facebook, but what I see is still hate comments below her status, still throwing her bad words and calling her names. She of course will need to apologize for her racism statement ‘Dia Cina Aku Tau Dia Sengaja', but all the most the only people that she need to apologize to is Uncle Sim. I mean what do we expect? Demanding her to apologize to every single Facebook user for throwing bad attitude in the public?

Kiki did something wrong, but it doesn't mean that we are free to cyber bully her. Criticism sometimes is a good thing to be practiced, but not overly-abused until the extend when all of the content is just purely hatred.  

I would say that this is not a rare situation to be seen on the road. I am pretty sure that there's more serious situation caused by those roadmasters. It is just this case, we netizens decided to make it viral. This has once again proved the power of social media, and it is really the time for us to understand and realize how should we behave on our social media character.

Extra thoughts:
Giving Kiki air time on MyFM, HitzFM and the other radio stations
I just heard her on HitzFM Morning Crew and MyFM, to apologize about her bad attitude by calling out to Uncle Sim.

Apologizing through mainstream media is definitely a good way to stop the craze, but inviting her to the studio of 2 biggest radio station doesn't seems to be a good thing to be practiced. I can understand about the news value for media company, and there are more listeners in the morning which means that her apology will be heard by more people. However, the nature of these radio program doesn't suit the whole situation. She shall appear in news program instead of a radio program that is being labeled as cool and in trend by the young people.

HitzFM morning crew is not a news program, and all these while only artists and talented personalities are invited to be interviewed during their air time. By inviting Kiki, someone who got famous online because of her bad behaviors, this might somehow implement a bad idea to the others that by behaving rudely and make themselves viral is an official way to get themselves famous. 

What I am trying to express here is we netizens should all learn a lesson from this incident, to  not simply throw our temper in the public nor online, and review on how shall we deal with bad news and situation wisely. 


  1. Cyber bully is a bad culture

  2. Finally, someone voiced out my opinion!

  3. What done is done,no need to extend it.people just love being sarcastic


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