Wednesday, 13 August 2014

{Beauty Giveaway} Getting V Chin with Regen 2 Steps Synergy Mask

Lets do some mask today.

Mask of the day: Regen 2 Step Synergy Effect Mask (Whitening)

Okay its not a news anymore about my craze on whitening. Nothing to be ashamed about, I am a yellow dark skin chic since I was born so yeah, I am not a Snow White *sobs* And recently a new problem have occurred to my face, where I wakes up with a bloated face due to the late sleeping habit *sighs*

So I am pretty much excited to try out this 2 Step Synergy Whitening Mask developed by Regen Cosmetic, which is brand developed by Regen Medical Group, a well-known plastic surgery hospital in Korea (where Qiuqiu did her surgery last year).

Eh where's the chin part? No worries la, this mask is actually divided into 2 parts, and this is the top part which need to be applied first.

Nah, this is the second part. That two holes are for you to hook on your ears. WHUT?

Okay look, the sticky side of the mask should be stick on your skin.

Like this, hook the holes on each of your ears, to create the lifting effect.

Like an accident patient lol.

The mask have a light and decent fragrance, but not intoxicated. I can feel that the serum can be easily absorbed and for the chin part, its actually very comfortable and there's no sense of choking at all. I actually saw my mum used this kind of mask once, and I laughed at her but this time its my turn. 

Even man can use this muahahaha.

Ohlala see my V Chin after the mask!
I am particularly impressed by the outcome, as my skin is more radiant and my chin is obviously less bloated. 
Oh no worries about where to get it in Msia, you can get it exclusively at Hermo!

Giveaway Time

I am giving away 1 box of Regen 2 Steps Synergy Mask, which contains:
1 x Whitening Mask
1 x Anti Wrinkles Mask
1 x Pore Minimizing Mask
1 x Moisturizing Mask
So four ultimate solution for skin problems all in a box! 

You just need to answer the question by commenting below this post:

Where can you get this in Malaysia?

And don't forget to leave your EMAIL ADDRESS!

Submission deadline will be on the 21/8/14 (Thursday). Winner will be randomly picked out from participants who answered correctly. Result will be announced on the 23/8/14 (Saturday).

Come come come leave your comments now and say HELLO TO V CHIN!


Firstly, I would like to thank everyone who responded actively! You guys all answered CORRECTLY!
So to make sure it is true random pick, I used this Random Number Generator online la. Not sure its TRUELY random mathematically la but at least to prove that not I choose one ah!

Winner of the GIVEAWAY:
Congratulations! I've sent you an email to get your details!


Ok I know this giveaway is TOO little to choose just 1 winner, so I am going to personally sponsor 2 secret beauty box to another TWO readers! All the products in Chloe's Secret Box will be handpicked by me according to your skin condition so please reply my email dear winners!

Chloe's Secret Box Winner #1

Chloe's Secret Box Winner #2

I've sent an email to all the lucky winners above and I look forward for you guys' reply! 

Thank you for all your attentions and read my blog more often for coming up benefits for you guys!! 


  1. I can get this Regen masks in Hermo...: )

    My email:

  2. I can get all these awesome Regen synergy masks from! hehe elo babe πŸ‘‹πŸ˜‰πŸ˜‰

  3. I can get these awesome masks from Hermo! :-D Thanks for the giveaway!! I want V chin too! :-D

  4. Get it from Hermo!!!

  5. I can get these at Hermo!
    Thank you!

  6. i can get these at hermo

  7. I can get this masks from Hermo!

    Thanks for having giveaway! :D

  8. I can get this at Hermo in Malaysia. My email is

  9. Answer:Hermo

  10. I can get it from Hermo!

    Hope I am the lucky one!

  11. I can get it from Hermo!!
    Thanks for the lovely giveaway <2

    Email :


  12. Hi dear, thanks for the giveaway! The mask is available exclusively at Hermo :)
    Email: <3

  13. You can get this mask exclusively at Hermo -->
    Thanks for the giveaway!

  14. Hi Lizz, what an amazing giveaway...
    This mask can get from Hermo!!

    Thanks with love ;) and....Hope i am one of the lucky person!


  15. From Hermo! :))

  16. From Hermo!! ;)

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