Friday, 5 September 2014

{Fashion} Sporty White vs My New Hair Colour

Sorry for the lack of updates recently. I admit that I am such a big piece of lazy lard and I spent most of my time getting back some rest cause I don't know why I felt so lethargic recently *sighs*

Oh well, miss fatty lard decided to wake up and get back to work again!

Lets kick start my new wave of posts with a short update of #chlofit !

White sheer shoulder top | H&M
High Waist Denim | Kitschen
New Balance Inspired Sneakers |
Transparent Letter Clutch |

As a petite girl, I always have big problems with sheer shoulder tops cause most of them doesn't ONLY show my shoulder, but also my whole bra or at least half of it lol. Thank you H&M for being so considerate and provide a perfect fitting XS size for me muahahaha so now I get to enjoy the sexiness of sheer top. Pairing the top with my all time favourite High Waist Denim that I wear at least 2 times a week, and complement the look with the transparent letter clutch. Transparent material and metal details are trending right now, so if you already have a transparent bag previously, just pop in some of your metal accessories in the bag to make it look fashionable again! The highlight of this outfit is definitely the colourful sneakers, which gives it a lively vibe that suits my summer style!

Woops sun-burned patch *sobs*


And oh, don't miss out my latest hair colour! Thanks Hikky-san and Junior Shim for the urgent rescue right before my FHM Girl Next Door Finale 2014 Party! I just happen to be very disgusted by my faded, yellowish lala hair so I gave them an urgent call to save my life! Phew and guess what, I got my hair dyed, washed, and styled in an hour! *applause* And thanks Chiakisabata-san for his help too!

Sticking back with ash tones, presenting you "Healthy Ash". Its a grey based ash colour, which makes my skin tone looks less dull, and since it is a darker tone now it makes my hair looks healthier too! (In real life it looks more greyish just my camera decided to make it look pinkish )

Number76 Mont Kiara is having 50% off for hairset service, so do pay them a visit to style you up like a star! Promotion ends on 30th of September.


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