Wednesday, 24 September 2014

What I've Been Up To

Yeah here it comes again.

Fuggin no update for so many days.

I have to be honest, I am running out of my brain juice. I don't know what to write anymore, all the ideas that came through my mind seems to be so lame and so pointless to be posted up, and I keep on telling myself "Nevermind you will figure it out soon." and then you see, how many days passed by.

Being a blogger, to abandon your blog for more than 3 days is a very bad thing. Very very bad.

Your readers will start moving away, your blog stats will start to drop, and worst case scenario, all the effort that you've put in building up your reader base will turn into bubbles that pops away.

It's stressful.

I'm stressful not just because of not being able to sustain my readers, but also frustrated at myself for being so incapable. I'm such a piece of sh*t ohmaigod.

I need to end this stupid no blogging days. So ohai, I'm gonna do a short update about what I'm up to recently.

1.Gym Training
The payoff to take over the honour of being the Official MIMMA2 Ring Girl is I need to sweat and ache, ALOT. Thanks to Tune Talk, I'm now under some medium intensive training with Pushmore Fitness to build up some muscles and tone up my body before my official appearance at the Grand Final which will be on the 25th of October, in Stadium Negara. (So if you happen to be there or wanna be there to spot some muscles or me, please do come!!)

Back to the gym training part.

I am totally not a gym person before this, I mean, even if I do go to gym, all I do is just run on the treadmill like a hamster for 10 minutes, and then maybe pull the 'string machine' which I don't know what's the real name of it, and that's all. But in Pushmore, there's no treadmill, only tons of bells and muscle men. I mean really muscular MIMMA fighters (well most of them are).

My situation in the gym.

I actually do think that my trainer, Eric feels like he is training a hamster when he trains me, or maybe just a mice. Ok la I am the 38kg girl with two tiny arms trying to do some crunches with two 10lbs bell, and then shiver like my arms gonna break anytime soon lol. Well looking at the bright side, since I have only wee bit of fat, it's quite easy for me to tone up I guess? *trying to be positive here okayyyy*

2. Schoolwork
Ohhhh the school work is hectic. Currently I'm running around like a headless chicken seeking for sponsorship for a Staff Annual Dinner which is my coursework to organize one. Dozens of calls, emails, and negotiations are going on and *sighs* most of the people just hang up the phone when the moment I mention

" Hi, I am calling from Taylor's University and I am looking for sponsorship...*phone clicks*"

Oh well, I've never had such an experience before this as normally sponsors are either come to me and be quite nice to me, or they will just not find me lol. So this is quite interesting and I actually laugh out hard when people hang up.

I am not asking for donation yo, it's win-win business okayyyy

3. Having withdrawal syndrome from my cat

I used to keep my pet cat Mimi here with me at my rented place, but from this semester onward Mimi is staying back in my family home.


Staying back in my family home is actually a better decision for her overall happiness actually, as she can have bigger house to stroll around, stare at my hamster cage, and occasionally have some random chasing game with my poodle Bobo. And from her face (although she don't even smile), I can really see that she is more happy as she really seems much relaxed and contented staying there.

But me no happy cause no one teman me in the room.

Yes, she's sleeping.

I miss that fatty lump that bugs me whenever I try to do some serious work, sits on my laptop, step on my face when I'm asleep, meows at me every morning at 7am and then step on my bewbiess to wake me up, and sleep like a coma plant although she didn't do anything tiring throughout the day.

Where she sits whenever I'm doing my work

I guess this is my first lesson of "If you love him, you let him live a happy life". *sobs* Although I need to suffer from withdrawal syndrome, but I felt a different level of happiness when I saw Mimi happily bouncing around my house in the weekend. It's a mixture of relieved, love and thankful. Thank god that my poodle, cat and hamsters are all still healthy without injuries from fight lol.

4. I uploaded a Beauty Review Video, in Mandarin

In case you haven't watch it, here you go!
Why doing it in Mandarin? Cause I actually think that Malaysia have not enough YouTuber that do review in Mandarin, and being a national Chinese debater and a beauty blogger, I need to start this! *ambitious* I will try to insert subtitles next time la since English will still come in handy for lots of people. :)

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 It's such an awesome feeling to do a simple post just like this. Thinking too much and restricting myself to post only perfect blog post is stretching me too thin, I should come back typing freely, and telling my hearts out. This should be my land to blah around, not to do some epic legendary educational speech!

Thank you for coming back to read my blahs! I lub lub lub lub lub you guys till heaven and earth.


Tell me what you think!