Monday, 20 October 2014

FHM Girl Next Door 2014

Owhh this is a super duper overdue post.

FHM Girl Next Door 2014 grand finale has long past and I just realized that I haven't post about it yet! #nyanyuksial

Oh well, lets treat this as a recall for all my memories throughout this fun search!

I've never labeled myself as the sexy type of girl, nor imagined myself being featured in FHM magazine, which is totally a male magazine with all the hot chicks.

But I made it wtf.

To be honest, I joined this search just because of a bet with my friends, (and secretly trying to see whether I am really that not-sexy la), and I already super duper shock when I actually passed the first round, and then when I am told that I am qualified as the Top 8, the first thing I said to dearie was:

"Dear, don't bully me. I am FHM Girl Next Door okayy many man want me."

Cause I have been told too many times that I act like a little girl, and how much he feel like a pedophile dating me. So I MUST fight back la.

But deep down in my heart, I am still feeling unbelievable.

Its a mixture of happiness and sad. I am happy that I finally 'grown up' to be perceived as a woman, but does that mean that I have lost my cutesy kiddo style that allowed me to be featured on all those Japanese fashion magazine?

Truth: NO.

Hello kiddo.

Printed version.

More raw shots:

Not as sexy as I imagined to be. To be honest, one of my biggest concern of joining FHM Girl Next Door is the outfit. I am still to shy to do a lingerie shoot or a bikini shoot, it is just not my thing la. But ola, our first studio shoot is a cheerleader themed shoot! Super comfortable in it, and at the same time I am slightly worried for FHM, "Will it be too not-sexy for their content?"

But then the second bomb came.

MUSIC VIDEO SHOOT with Ean and Jin.
Wearing BIKINI.

What!? Initially I went nuts and I almost throw a grenade to FHM office. They actually promised me that I will not be doing lingerie or bikini shoot before I confirmed to join in the Top 8, but see, it happened. 

In the end I managed to convince myself to do it. Bikini is nothing big mah everyone is wearing it in the swimming pool.

So I chose a monokini, which makes it easier to convince myself since it is not a bikini that I am afraid of. Come to think about it now, it's actually not much different la but hey I love this monokini much more than any other bikini designs provided. Super chio.

While I am finally comfortably settled down for the MV shooting, another nuclear bomb strike:

I have to jump into the pool.

Oh if you have not know, I have aqua-phobia. The level of phobia? I can't spray my face with the shower head, nor even dip my face into the pool. Lucky enough, I attended 2 sessions of swimming lessons before the shoot with EJ from SwimIn12 (which I joined to overcome my aquaphobia even before knowing that I will have the mv shooting), which makes me at least can DIP my face and head into the water. 


I am super proud to say that I still did the canyon ball jump. TWICE.

Canyon ball jump got la, but pretty smile? That one I don't know. I tried my best to smile when doing the scary jump already la.

As you can see, I didn't show much in the video except 'humping the whale' and shake like an dumb bimbo lol. Where are my other scenes? Only the director knows ;(

The mv shooting went pretty well, I definitely had lotsa fun dipping in the salt treatment pool at Aloft, and got teased by Ean and Jin saying that I look like a little duckling walking in the pool toe-tipping, too afraid to wet my long long wavy hair.

And what's next?
I went on-air with morning crew!

Me, Wendy and Lisa paid a visit to studio, and had a sweet chat with Ean and Jin! Oh I've never expected myself to go on-air in a English station before a Mandarin station lol due to my chinese debate background. But hey, it went pretty well!

My next meet up with the peoples are at RevKan Padang by Revive Isotonic. This time, being the hot cheerleader for all-star-team.

Who's the biggest star in the All Star Team?
Teddy Sheringham! Former legend of Manchester United OMG!
Blame the bad picture quality to Rafie's (FHM web editor) phone ;P

Being someone who doesn't really watch football, I feel quite lucky to be able to meet him in person and even sit beside him hahaha. Man-U fans gonna hate me.

Spot me!

It was just a simple work to cheer at the All Star Team members since they are all so 'yeng zai', and thank god for not giving us super hot sun or else I am now turned into a charcoal.

So the competition comes to its end. A glorious fun one.

We had our party at Soju Pavillion. Seeing so many people joined the party is seriously a big relief for me that time but come back to think about it, of course they will come! So many hot girls is attending so why not jek?

No pictures of the party. Cause I am too busy walking around, and ahem the lighting is too dim lol.

Oh well, I didn't win. (Which means I am still a CUTE KIDDO oh yeahhhh!!)
But I am given a new task: MIMMA2 Official Ring Girl 

So this is where my gym training life starts.


  1. Good to have such exp, well done Lizz!


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