Wednesday, 1 October 2014

Some Friends Are Just not 'FRIENDS"

I believe that everyone of you have met a person who talks bad about their friends, aka The Backstabber. 
Oh, I've met a lot of these, especially in my line of work ;)

So here's my story:

I've met someone that talks bad about their BEST friend, (and I happen to know that best friend of her). She told me that this best friend of her has been sleeping around with these guys (which I happen to know who they are too), and then how she don't care of sleeping with guys with girlfriends as well blah blah blah.

This is a serious bad thing as this can totally cause a girl to lose her opportunity in our line.

And from what I knew, this girl being talked bad is always such a sweet and innocent girl that treats this b*tch so well, bringing her around and even provided her some modeling opportunities. So I have no idea what makes this b*tch decided to backstab her 'best friend'. Maybe it's because she is not happy that her friend is doing better in the modeling industry, or maybe it is just her real colour being a b*tch. Numerous stories lah I've heard from her, all damn spicy and too funky to be true.

She even sent me text that talk bad about my friend that is sitting just right beside me that time. Perhaps trying to make us into enemy so that she can get her way through both of us that she view as her strongest competitor lol. Yea, I actually accidentally saw that she is acting very sweet behind my back with that person I sat beside with. Damn multiple-faced weh. #saluteyou

So I just decided to stay away from these people that talks bad about their friends for nothing.

Lesson of the Day:

If they can talk bad about their other good friends, it means that they CAN talk bad about you too. 

Stay away from those who talk bad about their friends. Your story might already been widely spread at the other side of her social circle. Don't be the material for her new stories. :)

Remember, true friends stay besides you when problems come. Bitches will just ditch you and give you some additional stabs.

Phew, I hope that there's no stupid stories about me running around. Oh well, maybe she have already spread numerous of it.


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