Saturday, 29 November 2014

[Clumsy Girl's Guide] I aint goddess yo!

So, I've recently uploaded a new video on my YouTube channel, and I received quite some feedback saying that they are shocked by my loco-ness.

Oh well, actually, I AM THAT CRAZY.

Despite of my job as a model, I am seriously not that kind of girl that just stay pretty, talk softly, and walk elegantly lol. Most of the time, I just sit with my legs wide open like a macho boss (and get scolded by everyone later =.=).

So ini, aiya nothing la. I can go much beyond this weh. But slowly la, step by step or else I scared you all got shock too much and don't like me anymore T.T

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Then only I have more motivation to do more stupid stuff to entertain you ma.


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