Thursday, 20 November 2014

[Movie Thursday] Awesome YouTube videos

I've just decided on something (like 5 secs ago), lets establish this new habit of #MovieThursday here!

Since here's a place for me to share about things I love, and YouTube has really becoming a big part of my life recently (as in surfing good videos la), so I am really excited to share some videos that I found worth sharing with all of you!

And so that I got more things to blog about lol.

Since this is the FIRST session, lets start with some videos that I always loved!

1. Night Owl Cinematics - You Got Scammed #Criminalwatch

NOC is a Singaporean Youtube Channel that's rapidly growing recently, and I LOVE this video of them! Very de creative and interesting as they can convey such an important message in a musical way. And I like the editing effort <3

2. The Ming Thing - Let Me Sleep
I just wonder how many takes it took them to get this shot hahaha dayumm. Sometimes simple videos like this is a great healing dose for me before I sleep. Erm okay not this one cuz I laughed like mad for it.

By the way, I am the friend that talk talk talk talk talk before sleep heh. :P

3. Megan Nicole & Jason Chen - All about the bass
Basically the combo of Megan Nicole and Jason Chen is like sweet voice plus sweet voice equal to volcano sweet. I actually love their cover better than the original one heh cuz I like sweet voice yo.

4. Wang Rong - Xiao Ji Xiao Ji
Very hard to explain. Just. Must. Watch.

Too funny right hahahahahahahha
Okay sorry for letting you watch this.

5. AKMU- Give Love
Okay some serious good music now. This pair of siblings I would say they really changed the perception of KPOP groups must have pretty face and crazy body, and proven that talent is the real deal to get famous. Instead of super strong vocal, I actually enjoy all refreshing and clean musics <3

6. Jinnyboy TV- Kantoi
Ok now is my vain time.

So that's all for our first #MovieThursday!
See you next week! *prays that I remember*

Ok I will remember about it okay :P


  1. Nice, I love it especially Kantoi. ^.^

  2. Thank you for sharing this post. i really like it. keep posting such more posts.


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