Monday, 17 November 2014

OLDTOWN White Curry Series

#FoodieBook time!
How many of you heard about My Kuali White Curry Noodle before? *raise hands*
If you never, you shuck yo.

My Kuali White Curry Noodle is rated as the Top Ten Instant Noodle by Ramenrater.

Of couse, I’ve tried this superstar instant noodle at the very start of the hype! Remember how popular it was until all the supermarket runs out of stock? (Oh well, now at least there are stocks in supermarkets already.)

How does this related to this post’s title then?

OLDTOWN is serving My Kuali White Curry Noodle now! Oh to make it more accurate, 

OLDTOWN is collaborating with My Kuali for their latest menu!

No they are not cooking My Kuali Instant Noodle for you. =.= (That was my first thought when I heard about their collaboration though wtf) OLDTOWN will be combining their own soup base with My Kuali White Curry Paste, to create a brand new level of tasty White Curry.

OLDTOWN White Curry series feature 5 different kinds of noodles, which includes Meehoon, Mee, Horfun, PAN MEE and MACARONI!!

I capslock PAN MEE and MACARONI cause these two are my favourites yo.

White Curry Macaroni
Well it’s a super known fact that I am a lazy bump, so lazy until I don’t feel like holding chopsticks to eat. The White Curry Macaroni, I can just scoop it with my spoon, one mouthful follows by another! So I can press my phone with another hand while I’m eating now lol.

White Curry Pan Mee
How about the White Curry Pan Mee? Super tasty. Frankly speaking I am not a big fan of yellow noodle, so replacing it with our Chinese traditional pan mee is like the improvised version for my cina tastebud. The texture of the Pan Mee is not too hard or too soggy, and it compliment the creaminess of White Curry Soup Base so damn well!  

Vain Selfie #1
The super famous My Kuali’s white curry paste + OLDTOWN’s very own soup base = Awesomeness

Vain selfie #2
#Fact: OLDTOWN makes fresh noodles and deliver to all their branches everyday

Rose among the thorns: Peanut White Freezy

This is their new beverage options that comes with the White Curry Series menu. It tastes like… frozen fa sang hu (Chinese peanut dessert)? It has a really rich aroma of peanut, which I think nuts lover will really enjoy it. By adding a scoop of Vanilla ice-cream on top, the freezy overall have a richer texture which makes it more enjoyable.

Vain Selfie #3

Menu and Prices

Overall, I like this collaboration between OLDTOWN and MyKuali. I am not a big fan of curry, but I find this new menu of theirs suit my liking.
I rate it 8 over 10 marks. (So you can safely go try la)

Oh do take note that the White Curry Series is a limited time menu, so it will only be available from 17th November 2014 until 31st January 2015! So go try it out before it’s off the menu!

Nothing. Just want to end my post with another selfie in case you will miss me heh.



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