Thursday, 18 December 2014

Feel OHHSOME with WongFu & DavidChoi

Decided to feed myself with some happening life right after my final papers last Saturday, so I took the task for a write up for OHHSOME Fest yo! (Actually planned to go already one la might as well take the job too la heee)

If you haven’t hear about it, I will now give you some main meat to tackle your hunger first: WongFu Production, David Choi.
Nuff said right.

So OHHSOME Fest, (Ohh Social Media Festival) is actually organized by Hotlink, to celebrate to glory of us scrolling through FB Instagram all the time lol. It is a 2 days event, with tons of talks by online personas, a main highlight concert stage and bazaar.

Originally planned to support my long lost brother Ernest for his speech but grrrrr clashed with my paper so I just went to the OHHSOME stage to have some music and party! (Erm nope no alcohol one okay not a rave)

It’s SKYWARDS (TheMingThing) getting ready to rock the stage when I reached.
Yes just in time to support them <3

MiHan got tons of weird expression I don’t know why he just can’t let me take a lengzai shot.

TMT as my background *teehee*

Beside the stage there’s bungee jump or whatever you call it.
Been deciding whether to try it out and it took me whole night :3

Gigantic bubble fun!
Okay have to run away from it in the end to protect my camera from bursting bubbles hahaha.

Next up, Joyce Chu!
*scream of male fans*
Who say her live singing is that bad? It’s pretty decent ah!


 DASH + Paperplane Pursuit
No joke weh their family all with bright hair colours one.
(Yes both of them are from the same family)

Serious Ernest is seriously enjoying the show.
And I think Raffi and Bryan too.

These 2 dudes.
#KendamaCulture EVERYWHERE

Super Healing Voice- Narmi

The duo from JinnyBoy TV

Elizabeth Tan.
Dammit forgot to take a picture when she sexily took off that outer layer of T-Shirt.


David Choi getting all the girls.

Seems like this dude got better shot that me ey.

Monchichi number one and Monchichi number two and Monchichi number three
And hey,

Remixed version sounds much merrier with Dennis Yin, Shawn Lee and Charis Ow!

Whoa I am totally blown away by her sweet but powerful vocal!

WongFu Productions!!!
Ted wasn’t here though as he is apparently busy with some business in NYC. *sighs*
And they are the only performers that didn’t sing for the night.

One of the videos we got to view that night!
But it is live on their channel now!

And the second video, snippets of their upcoming film, which is supposed to be kept as a secret.
So no, not showing you :3

Lucky fans that got to pose them around like a Barbie doll!

But why la they pose so fast until I haven’t got the chance to snap a shot. *rawr*

Selfie Kings vs Fan Service
And everyone is busy taking pictures on stage #glorysocialmedia

I was totally exhausted that night after being tortured by final exams, so I totally forgot to take selfie with everyone.

Here are the only twos:

My #1 nanny of the night
(#2 is TMTs who brought me dinner later on)

Reuben Rueben Rueben Munchkins




ZOMG thanks #Hotlink for the GoPro! Yup I got one cause I wrote this good piece of post yo #thickface

Gonna think about what to do with it heh. Stay tuned with my YouTube channel and subscribe to make sure you don't miss anything! :D

Also, if you want to win more #OHHSOME prizes, don't miss out the PIN IT TO WIN IT contest by #Hotlink! (Prizes includes trip to Facebook weh 0.0) More details on


  1. elizabeth tan !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. great festival and you really enjoy it....

  3. omg, i love wong fu's videos! rueben's too. :D and david choi's voice is awesome!

  4. What? Elizabeth Tan took off her T-Shirt?
    **bloody nose**


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