Thursday, 11 December 2014

[Movie Thursday] Awesome Taiwan Movies #1

This week, lets explore beyond the language boundaries, and enjoy some really really good Taiwanese movie!

I am always a 200% Taiwan movie fan. (Not those 1000 episodes hokkien drama kay) I love the way they design the movie, the tone and colours, and their dialogues. Especially these few ones that I am recommending, I cried and laugh for them like a nut.

I tried my best to find the links with english subtitles, just so that in case for you guys who are not really fluent in Mandarin can also enjoy em.

Find some time and watch all of them please. If not I will be super duper sad okay.


This was shown in Malaysia's cinema around last year if not mistaken. I LOVE THIS ONE. I cried at the part where the rich businessman 钮承泽 read his letter to Shu Qi 舒淇. Nobody died or no big emotions are shown there, but that letter is like an espresso of all his guilt, love and understanding to her. Oh btw, that dude is the director of this film.

听说 Hear Me

This film is dedicated to the hearing loss community, and also to let us understand that speaking is not a threat in love. The whole movie doesn't contains much spoken conversation, but you 100% can understand it no worries cause they have captions la. I really love the effort these actors paid to learn sign language for this movie, and it just show how good their acting skills are to be able to tell the whole story without speaking.

闺蜜 Girls

Ohhh this is the recent bomb. Super duper girly story. 闺蜜 is how female call their best friends, like the super duper good one okay not the hey babe kind, and this movie is about the story of three good friends who grow up together and how they went through all sorts of funky situations. Seriously, if you have someone that sticks with you no matter what happens, that is the right one. Especially girls, I know that most of our female friends will turn into bitches that stab one day lol experiences said it all.


If you watched all three of them, you will notice that Ivy Chen (陈意涵) is in ALL of them lol. And erm, she is my favourite Taiwanese actress. Why? Oh come on watch all these 3 movies again, and if you still don't like her, and you for sure got problem.

I didn't write long description or reviews for all my recommendations, cause I want YOU to watch and understand it yourself. All got english subtitles har, and YouTube load very fast, and it is free. So please, watch em.

Till the next time that I remembers to post a Movie Thursday (wtf), enjoy your movies!


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