Friday, 21 August 2015

[Beauty] Trust me, your skin is friggin thirsty.

So recently I did something to my face.

READ and you will know.

I am always very very very grateful that my skin condition is quite great. Thanks mom and dad <3
But I do have some minor issue with dull skin, and mini oil bumps around my cheek & nose area.

I can't find a before picture of it cause who takes such a close up picture of their own pores for nothing lol. But nvm lets continue.

I tried out Hydra Quench by Clinic MF


Okay basically it is a hydrating treatment, which involve some mini injections. Hyaluronic acid is injected into your skin, with syringe needle that is 6 times thinner than baby needle (which is very very thin la). 

I believe that most of you girls who put in some effort taking care of your face heard hyaluronic acid before, but for better understanding sake I hereby explain one more time la.

"Hyaluronic acid is a natural substance that exist in our body, and it is the main factor to keep our skin youthful. As age grows, hyaluronic that is naturally existed in our body will loss and hence, wrinkles will appear. 

Hyaluronic acid is also a common ingredient of cosmetic products. 1 molecule of HA can carry up to 500 times of water, hence it is recognized as the best hydrating ingredients."

Honestly speaking, I never heard of injecting HA into skin for the sake of hydration until the consultation with Marie France. So I was moderately nervous la when I heard that I need to go under needle, cause initially when I agreed to try out the Hydra Quench I thought it was just a normal hydrating facial treatment that I used to do in beauty salons haha.

Do note that the HA injected into the skin used for Hydra Quench is NOT the same as the ones used for filler injection, filler ones contain other substances for it to stay in shape but this one is for hydration only.

Process: Cleansing → Application of numbing cream → Injection → Soothing Mask
My face after the process.
Some slight bengkak on my eyelid.

Injection is done on many spots on my face, almost 30 spots I guess, some spots are slightly stinging than the others. It doesn't really inject deeeeep into your meat, but just lightly on the skin, so pain level on the scale of 10 I rate it 6. They say it is less painful that extraction but I don't know la cause I never had to do much extraction as my skin don't really have anything to extract except some oil seeds heh.

You can see that there's some mini bumps on my face, those are the HA that haven't been absorbed. It disappeared after a few hours, but I don't find it particularly obvious so I still meetup with my friends right after the session hahaha. #noneedimagela
My face after one week. 

Initially I thought there wasn't much obvious effect on my skin, but after one week my mom told me that my face look more radiant and less dull, which makes me look much more energetic cause dull skin always make me look like I took drug or not enough sleep lols. And the oil bumps on my cheek and nose are all gone!

This is my recent face after my vacation to Mabul island, which is a month later after the treatment. Still look good even after under the sun for so many days. Oh, I remember that doctor told me, it is harder for us to get dark if the skin have sufficient HA! Tried it and proven its right! I probably only gain 0.5 tone darker this trip *fireworks* Eh, doesn't mean no need sunscreen ah still must protect kay!

Overall, this treatment does have effect and so far, no complication. Normally HA treatments are really safe as long as the HA used by clinic is certified to be safe. So if you are interested to give it a try, feel free to contact for a consultation slot, and make sure you clear all your questions before you do any treatment kay? :) I want everyone of you to be happy and safe with my recommendation <3

Lastly, thankiu for taking through all my naked face pictures.


Yes I know it has been a month since I last posted. *slap my own face*

I kinda took some holiday and vacations around, meet up with friends, and arranging my schedule and plans, brainstorming for my YouTube channel directions and learning from some awesome friends. So in a nutshell, I am setting up myself for a brand new 2015, with new directions and goals that I want to achieve, and I want to showcase a better fresher me to all of you <3

So don't worry, I will be back with more, and just follow me on Instagram for more updates! 


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