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[Travel] Mabul Island Trip

Ohai! So recently (okay la end of December 2014 still consider recent la) I went for a short getaway in Semporna, Mabul Island.
Superrrrb gorgeous place. Please go there please.

Gonna tell you guys how to plan for one! :D

A brief idea of the whole geographic location:
The town in Sabah mainland: Semporna
Island around: Mabul, Sipadan, Pompom etc.
Airport: Tawau

Credits to Google Image

To get there, you first need to get a flight to Tawau, Sabah. And then take a ride to Semporna town, which is around 1 hour and cost around RM90 for taxi. We took a van ride straight to our hotel in Semporna since a man come approach us #dumbtouristalert, but we paid RM80 for 4 person la so at least cheaper than a cab yo. #nomorealert

Semporna is a really really small town by the seaside, so basically there's nothing much to do there especially for us Malaysian. But yes you can stroll around in the town and get some local food la. Seafood is so cheap there btw.

This is the tourist centre of Semporna, which each individual house is different agencies that provides ride and tour package to the islands. Walk around and compare the prices to get the best deal! Also, ask properly what is included what is not to avoid being conned or something, cause basically when you reach the islands its all monopolized and you will have to listen to them already.

We took a tour with Uncle Chang, which is recommended by dearie's parent's friend. The price is RM180 per pax a night after negotiation, inclusive of 2 chalets, return boat ride, and 3 meals. Meals provided are simple dishes, not super luxury food la but its okay.

We spent a night in Semporna itself for some friends visiting, but I do recommend you guys to go straight to the island if you don't want to end up in dead boredom lol.

Speed boat ride to Mabul Island, around 45 minutes.

We all so god damn awed by the bright blue sea! So clear so blue just like in the movies weh! I really never expected Malaysia to have such beautiful sea (thanks to Port Dickson and Sepang), so throughout the whole journey I kinda feel like I am somewhere in Hawaii.

Our resort.
This is the lobby deck, where everyone can chill, play some mini games and this is where the meals are served too. I quite like the idea of a lobby deck, cause this is where you can have a chance to sit around and feel like a tourist lol instead of just hiding in the room,

Oh btw, electricity is only provided between 4.30pm to 7am for Uncle Chang resort, so I really recommend you to just stay in the lobby if you want cooling breeze hahaha. Or just walk around in the island la although the sun is quite hot. Since you came already, what for hide in the room right?

Okay speaking about the room, this is it.

We got a chalet, which fits 2. 

Double bed, private bathroom, fan, aircond, 
All your basic need got la.

Pooh to cover up cause dearie snap this when I am stuffing my bikini =.=

The Bathroom

I am quite disgusted by the rusted door handle la =.=
Must be by the humid seabreeze I guess.

Shower area.
Mana showerhead?
Btw ah, water that are provided to wash up are all processed sea-water, so yup you gonna shower with salty water. But no sticky feeling after that surprisingly.

I used bottled water to brush teeth and wash my face, cause I feel that those are more clean lol. If you are princess enough you can buy bottled water to shower also la. There's some local grocery stores in the island that sells everything.

We even have this cute set of chairs with coffee table (although no coffee lol) infront of our chalet

This is like the best part la, the view from our room.

Damn zen so I spent whole morning and afternoon trying to think about life but ended up sleepy so I went into bed again lol. #useless

Side view of the chalet.
See that bench section? Okay that's a very very good spot to chit chat and enjoy the breeze in the afternoon.

Hammock area

Diving and Snorkeling sessions by the resort. Snorkeling session is free but the rental of the flipper is RM12 or RM20 I forgot already. So you can follow their boat and they will bring you to the snorkeling spot la.

If you haven't know, Sipadan (another island) is one of the TOP 5 diving spot in the world. So if you want to have dream like diving experience, its a MUST to go. But you need to have diving license and it is not cheap to dive there (around 1k if not mistaken), plus you can't stay overnight at Sipadan due to their policy to protect the nature.

Stroll around the island

I must say that it is kind of easy to get lost among the water village la cause everywhere seems the same to me. But fred not, the kind locals will direct you back to your resort cause I think they met too much dumb lost visitors lololol.

Went to the beach in the evening when the sun is less burning.

And then rushed back to the lobby deck for the sunset.

Candid shot by dearie when I went into still mode staring at the sunset 

Next morning.
Woke up staring at this.

While we are enjoying our breakfast, this men came in his boat and selling us these fresh crabs.

Damn pretty blue crabs!
Dont' know what their actual name is but confirm can eat one lol

Bought em at the price of RM80.

Highly recommend that you guys to buy some before coming back to mainland, and then you can cook em straight ngehehehe.

Went straight to this restaurant after we got back to Semporna, and pass them the fresh crab to turn into awesome meal for us!

They just steamed the crabs to fully appreciate the freshness of the crab.
Super duper sweet I tell you the meat.

Forgot the price for the full meal, but it was dang cheap I 100% confirm. RM18 to cook a crab dish, so we have 2 crab dish it is like RM36, can't even get one single crab in KL weh =.= Okay we bought the crab ourselves so its RM80+36= RM116 for ELEVEN crabs, can probably get 2 crabs in KL lol.

So that's pretty much about it, ending the post with an island must do- Bikini Shot.

Don't hesitate to ask me anything if you are interested to have a short vacay in Mabul! :D


  1. Anonymous.. ei.. why got one photo pooh up??

  2. What did you do with all those crabs? Oh, and nice pictures! What camera do you use? I need to get myself one.

  3. Your grammar is so sub-par, maybe try brushing it up before trying to brand yourself as a blogger

    1. Since when being a blogger need perfect grammar?

    2. hi, how many days u stay there?

  4. hi thanks, will be helpful for my trip to mabul in 2 months time...

  5. Hi.. can advise me uncle chang no?
    What resort do you stay at mabul?

  6. Hi.. can advise me uncle chang no?
    What resort do you stay at mabul?


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  9. your article brings back so many memories from my visit to Sipadan! I always take dive site hype with a grain of salt and try not to get overly excited, but Barracuda Point 9 completely blew my mind and totally lived up to the expectations. I can't wait to go back!
    love your photos from this post, btw!

  10. can i know the resort name and contact? is there only 1 of the resort? and how much for the resort ya?


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