Tuesday, 14 April 2015

MyFM Be My Star DJ Search (Part 1)


Okay yea I'm gonna say sorry for not being able to update for such a long time again. (And gonna say how busy I am again blah blah blah)

But I AM really really busy!

For those who listens to MyFM, you might have noticed that I've joined their recent DJ search (just might have cause my name is 彤彤 in the competition lololol)

If you never heard about it, okayy now I'm gonna explain to you!

MyFM Be My Star DJ Search is basically like the HitzFM announcer search, just bigger scale, and language used is Cantonese and Mandarin. And they are looking for a person who's not JUST an announcer, but with star power. (Means you have to be able to act, sing, dance and behave like a star la)

I was lucky enough to be chosen as the Top 16 from 600 other contestants, and survived until now as the Top 12! And now I am facing the final challenge before proceeding to the grand finale which will happen on the 25th April!

My latest challenges: Video hosting and Podcast

I am asked to produce a 1 minute video featuring an assigned shop in KWC fashion mall, and the content need to be as creative as possible, plus the video need to go viral. (I was like #whatchutalkingbout cause no one can really predict what will go viral in this weird online environment) Hardest part of this challenge, I only have 10 minute to record the video, and no additional editing (effects etc) will be done! *JengJengJeng*

So I took a very different approach from the other contestant. As a baby YouTuber, I know that people will click on the X button once they realize its an ad, so I go for a comedy skit instead! Well it's not traditional host host la, but I thought as long as I get the message out it works right? :3

My first ever Podcast! Talked about 5 types of posts that irritates people the most on Facebook. See, #ifeelyou. I know it doesn't sound as active in the front part, but it does get better in the end haha. Cause I focused too much on controlling my pitch at first and I was kinda stressed for my first ever proper recording. But I am pretty sure when my occupation is a DJ I will be much more comfortable eventually!

(PS: Please help me to share out my Comedy Skit as much as possible cause viewcounts weighed 20% in this challenge!)

And here are the clips of my previous challenges:

Challenge 1: Debate
Surprisingly I was rated as the best by the judges! Although I was a national debater back in high school, but I quit in Form 5, and that means 5 years away from debate but the skills are still with me lol. Okay la seriously, totally cannot compare with my old skills weh last time much better. 

Challenge 2: On-ground hosting! (Something like hitz cruiser la)
I sounded damn loud lol. Held the mic too close man.

So how? Support me anot? :3

Ever since this competition started, my days are cray cray. Cause I am now a final sem student, with tons of reports and events to work on, plus fighting hard to achieve my dream to be a DJ. 24 hours a day is really not enough for me, plus the nerves involved in this competition is indescribable. So I really really need all your positive energies to keep myself going! 

Easiest thing to do? Share my Comedy Skit out! And come support me in the finale! (If I can make it lol damn nervous seriously)

Rawrrrrrrrrrrrr #iamstrongyo 


  1. Well done,keep it up and cheer up~:)


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