Thursday, 21 May 2015

{MyFM Be My Star DJ} I am now a DJ


"I am now a Radio DJ for My FM."

Still repeating this to myself randomly cause everything is so surreal.

Honestly, I have NEVER imagined myself to be a radio announcer. Cause I don't think I have a very attractive voice, and I can't imagine myself talking alone in the studio.

But hey, life is seriously filled with surprises!

I previously wrote a short post about this competition, but I didn't explain how and why did I joined.

So now, story time!

"I joined because my best friend asked me to."

I know right, this is like the lamest answer in the world. But seriously, this is the real story. My childhood best friend, Kevin asked me to send in an audition clip together with him cause he is too scared to do it alone. At first, I rejected cause I thought why do something I don't think I can win, but later on I came to a thought:

"Okay, just try it out and see how's my mandarin level after so many years leaving Chinese school.'

I am actually very curious to see how far I can go, and I also thought that why not just get some free training lololol #freethingwhynot

I must admit that I am not a freshie in terms of speaking in public. I was a national mandarin debater back in high school, and our school (Tsun Jin High School) is ahem, quite famous for our debate team. #tsunjinftw

So yeah, it seems like my debate trainings really worked!

I worked the hardest way I can and shown my best effort throughout the competition.
Some clips of the Finale:

Pictures Time!

Round 1- Creative introduction
I incorporated my not-too-bad voice imitation skill (SinChan, Chibi Maruko and Ah Beng) into my performance, along side with my DEAREST sifu, Jason. You can see how kesian his face is cause he need to hold the cardboards for me hahaha. And he actually carried me onto the stage (like how people carry mannequin) as our opening.

Round 2- Artist Interview
Me and my lovely partner, Jacky got our task to interview a 'Thai Artist' acted by the super cray cray Jack Yap.

Dramatic sifu and his dramatic student.

First round elimination

Don't have much other pictures after this, so lets just skip to the final result announcement!

Yup, can totally see how shocked I am when I found out the result!
There goes my reputation. 
Nooooo guys don't unfollow me T.T

Back to pretty face.
(So can follow me back already right hahaha)

Oh by the way, the male champion is Phei Yong, and he will be my training and working partner yo!

So yeah. I am now a radio announcer. 

Lots of you has been asking me about when will I have my own radio show and what's my time slot, and I am truly thrilled by all your concerns! (means that you guys actually follow up about my news whoa damn touched)

For now, me and PY will be partnering with the other DJs to gain some experience and familiarise ourselves with the machines, while going under some trainings. Cause honestly speaking, if you throw us into a studio and ask us to go on air now, we will... erm I don't know, screw up quite badly cause being a radio DJ is so much more than just talking. We will be prepared as soon as possible, and then I can announce when will my radio show be!

The first thing I got to do for my new career, opened a new FB page with MYFM's name before mine. A page as a MYFM announcer, MYFM彤彤.  So come come like like pwease :3

And and and, will I be quiting YouTube? NOPE. 

I will still be producing YouTube videos, as it is also what I really really enjoy doing! Me and MJ recently created a collaboration channel- Dumpling Soda, which will be doing lotsa funny skits and challenges video!

Check out our first video!

We have much more cray to come soon! 
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  1. Sounds like a lot of fun! What an exciting experience. Love your blog!

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