Friday, 28 October 2016

Solving Your Headache- Easy Diamond Shopping Experience!

Every diamond is unique, they have different light performance, xxxx and also different inclusions. So do every girls. We all have our very own pet peeves, personality, fashion sense and also, different eye on man *smirks*

Well I do believe that buying diamond is a huge deal for most of the people (because they are not cheap man), so it can be really stressful when we finally come to the stage when we need to pick a diamond for proposal/ marriage/ whatever la.

The main problem that we often face is, too many information are shoved into our brain by the very kind and helpful sales assistants.


Love and Co decided to ease your diamond shopping experience by partnering with Sarine Technologies.


By providing you a comprehensive digital diamond report!

So now you can have instant access to a diamonds information, and able to understand the unique qualities of every LVC Lovemark diamond. You can now easily analyze the diamonds beauty objectively and scientifically, beyond the conventional 4C grading parameters (Cut Clarity Color Carat). All you need to do is just click into the link given to you on the internet!

After purchase, the digital diamond report is sent instantly to your mobile, so that you can check out your diamonds information anytime anywhere, or even forward it to you beastie to share your happiness yo! (Aiyer so evil~)

This is how the report looks like.

If you havent know, the LVC Lovemark diamond is the signature collection by Love & Co, where they inscripted a perfect rose IN YOUR DIAMOND. Well basically it is invisible to the naked eyes as it went through 50 promises checked, you can see it with a microscope, or from the digital report! The diamond in the digital report is up to 40 times magnification for you to check out every single mini details about your lovely diamond.

So guys, before you buy your diamond ring to propose, do check out Love & Co aite! Cause they provide exquisite diamond and also these cute little pair of bears as free gift!

 Sho Cute

Love and Co website:


  1. But diamond is inherently worthless, and its just a marketing scheme by the de beers marketing campaign to make stupid people to buy them

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